About Reform MyGOV

Reform MyGOV is being designed to be the best destination for concerned Americans who want to contribute policy ideas to solve our country’s most pressing issues.

The website is not part of any political party, candidate’s committee, or organization. Reform MyGOV is a private company with a limited revenue stream that exists to fund site development and manage technical updates. No one from Reform MyGOV seeks or accepts donations.

The website was founded in 2017, and has an official launch date scheduled for early February 2018. There may be a soft / beta launch in 2017.

Our Vision

The vision of Reform MyGOV is to be the primary destination for Americans who want to shape the policy discussions going on in federal, state, and local government.

Some statistics estimate that over 90% of all legislation is currently influenced by paid lobbyists and special interest groups.

Our vision is to build a website to crowd-source ideas in an effort to tilt the balance of policy-making power back towards to the people.

We envision a website (and later, a mobile app) that allows people to:

  1. Identify issues important to them and save them to a personal profile
  2. Review solutions proposed by political parties and their fellow Americans, including supporting data and trends from a variety of validated sources
  3. Provide amendments and comments to policy proposals, OR – upload their own policy proposals
  4. Vote on the ideas they like the most
  5. Send ideas directly to their elected officials

And much more.

We believe strongly that people need to be educated on the issues, and that our government functions best when it responds thoughtfully and deliberately to the needs of the people.

By building this website, we hope millions of Americans will take the opportunity to get more educated about the policy options available to them, and that politicians will pay greater attention to the needs and interests of their constituents and not lobbyists and special interest groups.

Questions? What to get involved? Please click here to contact us..